West Henrietta, NY – The Outdoor Group (TOG) has acquired Lynch Mob Calls (LMC), maker of premier waterfowl calls. George Lynch, founder of LMC, will also be joining TOG.

“I am beyond happy that George Lynch has joined the TOG family of brands,” said Paul Vaicunas, Brand Manager of Lynch Mob Calls at TOG. “Not only does George bring immeasurable experience in the Waterfowl space, he also has a work ethic and passion for the business that is exemplary to everyone that meets him. He’s a perfect fit with our team.  We gladly welcome George into our fold and look forward to expanding LMC and new opportunities together.”

Until the late 1980’s, waterfowl hunting was nothing more than a guessing game. Hunters would use trash bags and tires for decoys with little to no understanding about bird behavior. George Lynch was among a small group of dedicated waterfowlers who revolutionized the sport. Lynch and his group collected and documented detailed findings about the behavior of these birds, including the impact of decoy placement, calls, wind directions and wind speeds. His research and findings paved the way to the creation of many successful waterfowl decoy and call companies.

As Lynch became a trusted expert in waterfowl knowledge, he turned his attention toward growing the waterfowl community. Through his experience with novice hunters, he quickly realized that many of them struggled with waterfowl calls. Lynch searched for a call with solid tonal range that anyone could blow, but had no luck. The determined man he is, Lynch created Lynch Mob Calls in 2005 and has continued to expand his brand as an industry expert. Through the partnership with TOG, Lynch Mob calls will grow and develop its line outside of waterfowl calls, providing the same quality and expertise you would expect from a calling icon.

“One of the main objectives for me and LMC, was to design the best and be the best!” said George Lynch. “Everything that is affiliated with LMC, from who we hire, to having the best and qualified Pro Staff from the United States to Canada, has always held the utmost importance to me. As a child my mother, who has more wisdom than anyone I know, always told me “son, people will always judge you by the friends you keep.” I’ve lived by that statement my entire life. With that being said, I am so proud to say that LMC has finally partnered with someone who is not only the fastest growing company in the outdoor industry, but also employs the most experience and talented group of people in the business, period! I look forward in working with my new family in driving LMC to the top and bringing more innovative products that LMC is known for, and will be the new bench mark in the call industry.”

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