Ethan Mathias: Pro Staffer

Taking waterfowl to a whole new level is the life for me. I build, paint, flock, foam fill, and design homemade motion decoys. I have a personal collection of over 800 decoys and run decoy spreads up to 125 dozens depending on the location. I manage 3 different farms and typically hunt Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.
Lynch Mob Calls Pro Staffer Ethan Mathias knows ducks
I am the Event Chairman of Ducks Unlimited Nashville here in Tennessee. I fell in love with duck hunting right out of college and have been hooked ever since. With a background in engineering it has given me the opportunity to design some of the best duck blinds out there. I attend about 1 DU event or work day each month and dedicate a lot of time to making sure hunters in the future have the best experience possible.
I love the lifestyle of waterfowl hunting, and this is why I am a major supporter of Lynch Mob Calls. These calls provided an unparalleled sound and mimic the sound of a live duck. The conditions for duck hunters are some of the worst in hunting. These calls can stand the test of time and won't let you down when the going gets tough! The strong will work harder to meet the challenge which I believe is the meaning of Lynch Mob Calls!

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