Lynch Mob Calls Welcomes Alex Culp to Pro Staff

Lynch Mob is proud to welcome Alex Culp to its Elite Pro Staff. As an LMC pro-staffer since 2010, Alex has been a long time supporter of Lynch Mob and the high quality waterfowl calls it produces. 

Alex Culp and Lynch Mob Calls Pro Staff

"I live and breathe waterfowl hunting. After harvesting my first duck as a kid, I have been hooked ever since," said Culp. "Throughout my “hunting career” I have enjoyed constant development in both my hunting and calling skills. I still learn something new every time."

Starting in the middle of August, Alex spends a lot of time in the blind each season. He begins each year by chasing early season geese in North Dakota. He then chase birds around his home state of Minnesota from the beginning of September until the beginning of January. Generally speaking, Alex tries to get back to North Dakota for another hunt or two each season, if he can.

"Alex has been a long time staffer for me," said George Lynch, founder of Lynch Mob Calls. "I have a lot of respect for Alex as a hunter, as a caller, and as a person. I am really excited to see Alex return to the Pro Staff and can't wait to see what he does next in his hunting career." 

Alex Culp with Canada Geese

Waterfowl hunting is like breathing for Culp, but he claims that Mallards and Canadas are his favorite. He loves hunting small water, bigger water out of his boat, and in dry field settings. If the birds like it, so does he. 

"Overseeing a pro staff the includes the caliber of people like Lynch Mob's Pro Staff is rewarding and incredibly enjoyable," said Jason Pollack, Lynch Mob Calls Pro Staff Manager. "Having hunters like Alex on the team. Hunters that are engaged, active, and really understand what being a pro staff member is all about makes my job a lot of fun." 

You can find vivid details of many of Alex's hunts here on Lynch Mob Calls, and by following Alex on Facebook or Instagram.

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