Meet LMC Pro Staffer Matt Dull

Matt Dull lives in south central Pennsylvania in the heart of the Atlantic Flyway. He's been hunting his whole life - but was introduced to waterfowl hunting 6 years ago. Waterfowl hunting connected him with one of his best friends, and together they started an online brand called Kwack Smackers (if you're not following them on Instagram, you owe it to yourself to look them up. The photography is breathtaking). 

Matt Dull enjoys hunting of all kinds - and he loves to try and capture that one photo that encapsulates the whole hunt.

"Hunting is a big part of our lives, but the most important thing is serving God and sharing the Gospel with whoever we come in contact with. Enjoying the outdoors is just one of God's blessings we have to take advantage of."

Adding photography and videography to the challenge of the hunt is something that Matt truly enjoys. He doesn't consider himself to be a professional photographer - but his passion is for capturing that one image or one sequence that pulls all the best parts of the hunt together. For Matt, making sure that he has the shots that capture the hunt is a welcome addition to the challenge of a successful hunt. Looking back through the photos and video clips to recall the laughs and the memories with his best friends and his family is part of the legacy that he's creating for himself and for Kwack Smackers. 

Kwack Smackers can be found all over south central PA after all kinds of game - including their never-ending quest for geese.

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