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George Lynch: Top 5 Turkey Hunting Tips

Are you out to punch some turkey tags for the first time this spring? There's a lot to know and consider, so George Lynch is here with his top five tips on hunting gobblers.   First, always try to locate your gobblers. If possible, get out the day before your hunt. We call this "putting them to roost." Knowing where your birds are roosting the night before can assure one thing for certain - you know where they’ll be come morning. Second, calculate the approach. When hunting roosting birds, consider the wind and light. If you have wind, use it to your advantage. Stronger winds will enable you to move in closer to the gobblers from downwind without being heard. Winds blowing...

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Pro Staffer: Brad Friedrich

Brad Friedrich was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At 29 years old, he lives in Mukwonago, Wisconsin with his wife and two sons.  Waterfowl hunting has been in his blood since his father took him to the Horicon Marsh. Every weekend they could, Brad's dad had him in the blind with him starting at just 5 years old. Whether hunting geese in the early season, or getting after late-season mallards. They set long lines for divers on Lake Michigan - Brad makes the most of the 60-day duck season. At the age of 12, Brad was introduced to turkey hunting in the rolling hills of Vernon County, Wisconsin. Brad was first introduced to turkey hunting by his uncle, and...

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Garrett Lowe: Pro Staffer Bio

For Garrett Lowe, it’s about wet waders. Icy December mornings. It’s about watching hundreds of green heads work and funnel down into the stage you have set, and it's about the time spent with the dogs and your brothers in the blind. Since I shot my first Canadian Goose on that bitter Thanksgiving morning I have been addicted to waterfowl. The art of waterfowl hunting has intrigued me more than any other type of hunting because it’s so hands-on and unpredictable. The birds we run into across the country aren’t exactly park geese or Wonder bread ducks; each mile they have migrated south and every hunter they have evaded has made them smarter and swifter, and pursuing them is a new, unique...

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Ethan Mathias: Pro Staffer

I am the Event Chairman of Ducks Unlimited Nashville here in Tennessee. I fell in love with duck hunting right out of college and have been hooked ever since. I have a personal collection of over 800 decoys and run decoy spreads up to 125 dozens depending on the location. I manage 3 different farms and typically hunt Arkansas, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

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