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To us, hunting isn't just sport. It's a way of life.

Lynch Mob Calls isn't just another call manufacturer. Our research and development comes from the trials - and errors - of spending our lives in the blinds and marshes. We study ducks and geese year round, so that when the season opens, our decoy spreads mimic the real thing. We spend hours in layout blinds listening to the calls of wild birds and using that knowledge to perfect our own calls. 

Hunting is the driving force behind everything we do at Lynch Mob Calls. 

This philosophy shapes our attention to the most intricate details of our calls. It also determines our attitude towards customer service. As fellow hunters, our customers value the tradition of hard work as much as we do. At Lynch Mob Calls, we aim to earn your respect, both through the performance of our calls in the field and in the service you'll receive when you call.