Woodpecker Locator Call

Woodpecker Locator Call

$ 24.99

When you choose the Pileated Woodpecker call from Lynch Mob, you get two great calls in one. The Lynch Mob Pileated Woodpecker call also makes a great screaming hawk sound.

Take the Pileated Woodpecker call out on your next turkey hunting trip. Both the loud, piercing woodpecker sound and the shrill and sharp screaming hawk sounds are shocking enough to get gobbles out of even the most tight-lipped mature toms.

All it takes is just a little practice, and you'll have a huge leg up on all the other turkey hunters out there who overuse turkey calls and crow or owl calls. On higher-pressured areas, those calls can lose their effectiveness - fast. That's when you'll want to turn to this multi-tasking game call. Whether you use the hawk sound or the woodpecker sound, you'll be sure and get a reaction from that mature tom you're chasing.

  • Closed reed voice system with resonating chamber
  • Easy to use
  • Lanyard included
  • Features patented Dual Chamber Technology from Duel Game Calls